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Lyme protocol, from sick to well in 9 months

This is a 9-month program, done under the medical guidance of Dr. Patrick Lynch, Oriental Medicine Doctor, and Acupuncturist.   This protocol consists of herbal remedies and diet protocol. 

-Online Course created by Dr. Patrick Lynch ($850 paid separately to Dr. Lynch) – I recommend working directly with Dr. Patrick Lynche to implement Lyme protocol, I am the support person for dietary modifications and support

-Initial 90 Minute intake session

-Weekly 30-minute check-ins. (4 per month)

-Text support between the hours of 9-6 M-F.


-shopping strategies

-food prep suggestions and ideas

-Total Monthly Cost: $400

Cost: $400

Gut Health 101

-Initial 90 Minute intake Session

-Gut Zoomer Labs test: to determine leaky gut – Sold separately

-Wheat Zoomer Labs test: to assess wheat sensitivity  – Sold separately

-Weekly 30 minute check-ins. (4 per month)

-Unlimited text between 9-7 daily.

-Recipes and more.

-Total Monthly Cost: $400

Cost: $400